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Transform your body through your mind

Since we spend so much of our lives thinking and living in the future - one of the main causes of anxiety - many are already making their summer plans and preparing to look their best and/or lose those pounds they set out to lose as a New Year's resolution. And it's a good thing many of us are taking care of our bodies! However, in consultation many confide in me that they feel frustrated with their results, as they notice that they achieve small goals only to then return to their original weight - or even gain even more weight, plus they understand that they don't gain control of their eating habits and lose the motivation that allowed them...

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By reprogramming your mind you have the power to transform everything

''Puerto Rico rises'', ''I do not remove myself'', and all these ways of inviting us to move forward we hear them daily. I do not doubt the power of these words, which certainly have the best intention to motivate and make us vibrate in another tune. But how do I do it? On one occasion, a challenge arose in my environment, which I will call my "creative and novel confrontation". Due to the stress of the day, weather complications, the electricity had gone out in the building where my office is located, no lunch and a full schedule of patients, another energetic challenge arrived that threatened to prevent me from attending to my patients in any way I could, and...

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